Recurrent Brave ad pop-up after failing to close specific ad in winwalk Android app

Android 9
Xperia XZ1 Compact
Brave 1.47.175, Chromium 109.0.5414.87

Brave is set as default web browser.

To reproduce this issue you will need to install winwalk on Android and see a couple of ads.
Issue only happens with specific ads (to me it has happened with little-world child cartoon ads and a specific ad where the timer countdown, ad info and close button are all in top right corner).
You must fail to press the close button, and it It will generate a recurrent pop-up where a Brave window (system app, not the regular browser UI) will open in your device (even if Brave is closed) always with the same redirect url.

The issue is only solved by clearing Brave Browser cache via Android settings (which will result in a system freeze but that’s another issue).
Clearing Brave cache (via Brave Browser settings) on demand or on exit will not solve the issue.

Bellow in a print of a window that will generate the issue I describe