Rectangle at the bottom of the page and automatic filling of login fields :)

Hello Brave Browser team

I love the Brave browser, although I think there are some features that could be added, if possible

  1. When a file is downloaded, a gray rectangle appears at the bottom of the page, which does not disappear after some time, and must be closed manually. It would be good if this rectangle is less big, that is, that it has less height, and that it disappears after some time, so as not to have to close it manually.

  2. When we want to enter a site in which we are users or members, it would be good for the browser to fill in the username or email and password automatically, that way we do not have to look for the name or email from the drop-down menu that appears by clicking on the input data field.

For now I send these two ideas, in case they can be added to the browser.

Thanks :slight_smile: