Recovering bats from dead PC


Hello, I had a lot of bats connected to my desktop however it died.

Unfortunately, I didn’t link my account.

I connected my SSD where windows and braves were installed to my laptop and launched the .exe but it brings me back to the bats of my laptop.

Is there a way to still get my bats back? Thanks very much !

I had experienced this one before… don’t use the drive as external drive… when you open brave from that drive, it will use the current installation in your pc not the one stored in that drive… what I did before is disassemble my available working pc, insert the drive where I need to get the BAT and boot from that drive… I opened brave and get what I can get…

This is my personal experience, IDK if there is another way, so I would like to hear because what I did is very cumbersome specially for non-techy…

Hi, if you had the BATs linked to the UPHOLD account you shouldn’t have any problems recovering them.
Can you try to connect the same SSD to another computer? If it is possible, try linking it from that computer, open it and tell me what happened

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