Recover Saved Passwords That You Saved A Password Over

So basically i cant remember my password for a website and I accidentally saved a different password over it and i cant figure out how to recover the password from before is there any way to do this?

:thinking: it was with a different account? if so I think both credentials should be saved


so i was changing the password on 2 different accounts i saved one which is the one i cant find but i changed the second pass and it put it on the first one even though it was under a different email

if I’m not mistaken, when you change a password on site the browser tries to save only the password without an “user”.

then I suggest you to go to said site and when you are about to log in, click on “i forgot my password” and create a new one :thinking:
and then try to save the passwords only after a successful login, that way the browser should be able to distinguish the two passwords for the same site based on the “user”

I don’t know of any way to unmade a change in the password manager

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