Recover old profile with user data fold not working [PLEASE]

Hello, I changed the configuration of my pc and I have a new SSD, I managed to recover the folder “User data” of the old SSD, I need to recover a profile with an extension in particular (a wallet crypto), the problem is that when I replace the new folder user data by the old one, I just manage to recover a window with the opened tabs and the history of the day when I changed SSD, but I do not have any more all my profiles nor extensions. It’s really important for me to succeed in recovering this famous profile, I’ll pay graciously anyone who helps me recover it thank you!
Here are the versions:
The old one: 1.61.120 and the new one:

The old one was on Windows 10 and the new one on Windows 11, please please please help me!

I have a similar issue that I believe if fixed, would also work for you.

We need to know what files need replacing from the ‘User Data’ folder to load that old profile. Is this what you’re after?

IE, if you delete/copy the ‘User Data’ file and open the wallet, you are met with a brand new install, ie create a new wallet, or import an existing one.

When you then copy the ‘User Data’ folder back and open Brave, it loads a profile, and you just need the password.

I think we need to know if more than one profile is stored in ‘User Data’, and if there are other ‘cached’ profiles, we need access to them to load them? Totally unsure if this is possible but I believe that would fix our problems, I think?


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