Recover Downloads after reinstall on iPad

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Description of the issue:

Brave stopped opening on my iPad Pro running iPad OS 16.6.1 and rebooting the iPad did not fix the problem. I reinstalled Brave to correct the problem and that did not work so, I had no choice but to delete and reinstall. While that did fix the browser opening problem, it deleted all bookmarks and downloads. I would love to have both back but NEED the downloads back. Since this is my only apple device, I had no idea downloads were in a Brave folder instead of an independent folder as is the case on my Windows machine. How do I recover all of those download files. Surely Brave does not delete them when removing the app???

The version of Brave did not change with the reinstall, 1.62.1 (

Unfortunately I do not believe there is any way to recover this data as it is cleared out on uninstall. I have asked our iOS team just to confirm that there are no alternative ways to retrieve this data just in case.

Why would downloads be in a folder that is deleted? These are not temporary files. On uninstall, Brave should ask if you want to keep downloads, passwords and bookmarks instead of deleting them automatically. This was only done because Brave stopped working!

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