Recover Brave Wallet from "Application Support/brave"


hi there

I was having an issue with Brave starting up. It would stop while trying to load up the initial window (no menus, etc).

At this point I wish I had gotten my BAT wallet recovery key backed up, but alas… I did not. I do have my old “2 keys” that look like UUIDs, but I assume they’re not relevant any more.

I backed up by ~/Library/Application Support/brave directory. Deleted it, reinstall brave and everything seemed to be working again, except of course, for my BAT wallet (I can live with out my history, cookies, etc).

My question is, if I have my “old” ~/Library/Application Support/brave directory with everything in it, is there some way for me to recover my BAT wallet?


btw… I love Brave, y’all are doing good work.


cc @LaurenWags for assistance. :slight_smile:


Hi @jachin

It can be done but it requires development assistance :slight_smile:

Could you please private message me your ledger-state.json file from your old directory? Just add .mp4 to the end of the filename. I will share with a teammate who can get the necessary data so we can give you your recovery words.



Awesome. I will do that… just as soon as I’m no longer a new user (I’m guessing it’s 24 hours or something). Thank you so much for your help.

If y’all were to put a script out there to do this, like in a gist or something I would write a blog post on how to use it. :slight_smile:


Thanks @jachin - I’ll share that idea with the team :slight_smile:

Just be sure you private message me and don’t post your file in this thread (when you click on my profile picture there should be a ‘Message’ button).


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