Reconnect to Uphold does not work


I created my BAT publisher accounts about two or three weeks ago (before the multi-property support was added) and at that time I connected it with an Uphold wallet. Today when I log in to the BAT publisher site, it says I have no Uphold wallet connected and that I should create one. I clicked Create and then since I was logged in to Uphold it started to reconnect my existing Uphold BAT wallet I guess, but it returned with an error:

We are having trouble connecting to your Uphold wallet. Please reconnect to Uphold.

When I click the “Reconnect to Uphold” button, it redirects to Uphold briefly, shows that I am logged in, then returns to the Brave Payments site, waits for a minute or so and fails with the above error. How can I reconnect my wallet?

Can't reconnect Brave Payments to my Uphold account
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