Recompensas del mes de Agosto NO RECIBIDAS | August Rewards NOT RECEIVED

Hola tengo un problema no he recibido la recompensas del mes de agosto pero la tarjeta del navegador dice que realizo el pago, ¿alguien tiene idea del porque pasa esto?.
Hello I have a problem. I have not received my rewards for the month of August, but the card in my browser says that I have made the payment. Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

Hey, there’s some issue going on therefore that is happening. Happened to me as well, though I just received my rewards on my windows. Wait for a few days and keep Brave running so that you get a claim button or they get processed.

Cada mes Brave tiene algún problema, ahora tocó el pago de aquellos que no tienen sincronizado con una wallet sea Uphold o Gemini… yo también sigo sin recibir el pago pero en otros dispositivos si recibí… solo me falta en 1, toca esperar nomás

Can we actually create A company Account or advertise a company here ?

No, you can’t.

Brave Community is for support related to Brave. It’s not to advertise a business or anything. Especially if you’re going to be doing multiple posts/topics as you had just done.

If you want to advertise, I suggest you check out

As to what you can put here, I’d recommend before you do anything, you reach out to admin/mods or simply create a support ticket to share what you’d like to do and get permission first.

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ok heard you just testing the platform

haven’t you recieved it ??

Tendré que remitirme a @SaltyBanana y a @Evan123 para saber por qué parece haber problemas con esto. Todavía no he visto ningún anuncio oficial.

Por lo general, cuando hay problemas con el pago que se presente un Ticket de Soporte y que va a ayudar a asegurar que su pago llegue.

Mientras tanto, asegúrate de que estás usando la actualización más reciente de Brave. Además, cuando crees el ticket, asegúrate de incluir toda la información posible para que no haya retrasos en la ayuda.

To clarify for SaltyBanana or Evan, I’ve been seeing random people this week saying they are getting the notice that their rewards have arrived but there’s no Claim and they aren’t seeing it shown in their balance.

Hi @Jahiz1

Did you submit a ticket to our support form? If you have could you kindly send me a direct message of the ticket number and I can take a look.

In the meantime, our team is investigating the payments that have not be sent.
We ask at this time for your patience while they work to have this resolved and get you your payments.

For any future issues regarding payments, kindly submit a ticket to our support form.
Thank you!

Thanks @Saoiray for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve brough this to the attention of the team and they are looking into it.
In this case, it would be best that users do submit a ticket to the support form as this will also give us a better scope of the issue and provide adequate support there.

ccing @Evan123 for any futher details I might have missed.


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