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I just read about an interesting page.
In short: It leads advertising trackers astray (is misleading advertising companies.).

Lang (translated from the German):

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Mozilla’s funny tool misleads advertising trackers
Firefox developer Mozilla has released a new tool that allows Internet users to trick advertisers into believing a different surfing behavior.

Advertising on the Internet is usually based on our previous surfing and search behavior.

Recently on Amazon we searched for a parasol for the garden and a short time later we see parasol advertising as far as the browser will go - user tracking for personalized advertising is omnipresent today.

However, the Internet offers various possibilities to bypass tracking mechanisms - for example by using anti-tracking add-ons in the browser.

Firefox developer Mozilla has now introduced a new tool (via ) that breaks new ground in tracking defense - the website TrackThis.

Influencer or World Hunger Fearer
Whoever calls promises Mozilla “a new kind of incognito”:

Users choose one of four displayed profiles, whereupon TrackThis opens “100 tabs of pure madness” to make Tracker believe you’re a completely different person.

We can make advertisers believe you are:

we are interested in streetwear and pop culture (profile Hypebeast)
we are rich (Profile Filthy Rich)
we believe in the imminent end of the world (Profile Doomsday)
we are a powerful influencer (profile influencer)
If you click on one of the profiles, you will receive more detailed information. A click on the Track This button then opens at least 100 tabs in your own browser that contain web pages corresponding to the profile.

Better in your own browser window
We tested TrackThis with the Doomsday profile: Among other things, the website opened several tabs of shops with accessories for Prepper, such as cooking equipment, sleeping bags, survival accessories and so on. The catch: We have to close the tabs again afterwards.

It is therefore recommended to use TrackThis in a separate browser window.

If you use TrackThis in Firefox, the website opens only 20 new tabs with a reference to the protection functions of the browser against malicious advertising pages.

Misdirection only lasts a few days
Moziall himself writes in it that they want to use the humorous approach to explain to users how widespread tracking is.

Once you have clicked on one of the above profiles, the advertisements displayed while surfing change noticeably. After a few days, however, the changes disappear again if you continue surfing as usual.

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The mentioned page: https://trackthis.link/

The site is from Mozilla, but should also work with Brave (since it is not a Firefox extension).

It is recommended to open a completely new Brave window (not a tab) first, as about 100 tabs will be opened. Afterwards you only have to close this new window.

I hope, I could give some support to one or the other, in the topic Internet stuff. :slight_smile:

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