Recommended feature to the Dashboard appearance

Hi, Brave!
Plz, give us options to hide these buttons because it looks bad.


I do the following ‘to get rid of it’: CTRL+mouse wheel, roll backward or forward until it disappears. This view is saved when you open Brave. This is not a solution but a work-around.

Hello @error666error

you can go to brave://settings/newTab and set it to blank page (there will be no background image also)

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to help me but this is not a sufficient solution to me.

I already know that this option and this feature exists, but I want to see the browser background, and this is not available in this option.

So, I suggest to Brave, to add more features to fully customize dashboard.

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@error666error got you now

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