Recieved only 0.25 BAT like the most of the people

Well, Payment status changed to Processing again. So you may get another payment for the rest. Dont quote me though :stuck_out_tongue:

Iam not going to claim this f*** thing again brave support should give us a reply on this issue @Mattches @steeven

They probably will at some point soon.

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yes I got that same problem I got only 0.25 BAT Token Instead of 5.1 BAT Token. Please Team Fix That Issue


Same here, 0.25 paid out on my Android device and a whopping 0.00 BAT to my Windows while it should be around 10 BAT (the amount I should be getting for two devices combined).


Is the brave team actually supposed to reply on this thread? I’m just looking for where they are actually posting any information or acknowledgement of the problem. It seems like this is happening across the board, I’m affected as well and never received the 9 or 10 BAT I should have coming my way. Seems like the status page indicates payments are processing, if that was even the correct page I’m looking at. In any case, my brave rewards in the browsers of both PC’s I use indicate that the rewards have been successfully received, which they absolutely have not. The wallet is verified as well. Does anyone have any idea when/where the brave team will follow up on this?

Same. First they took away my ability to link my Gemini account to Brave rewards because I’m from the Philippines. Now this.

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Me too I only received 0.25 bat

Yeah samer here. I was supposed to get 3.5 BAT but received only 0.25. I did claim that 0.25 BAT but even that amount has not been updated in my Gemini account. I hope they fix it quickly.

:face_with_diagonal_mouth: what going on my rewards? it’s lost.

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Having the 0.25 BAT issue here too. That, and also my carried over BAT has been messed up since January 2022. :smiling_face_with_tear:

i have reward of 1.445 bat but i have clam option for 0.25 bat

Same here received .5 instead of .25 .
I was supposed yo get 4+ bat

Same issue here. Received 0.25 only :smiling_face_with_tear:

+1 for the post,
same issue with 2 of my browsers


in the first image, it is showing 2.25 march rewards, but on home page it is showing 0.25 rewards

Same boat over here. Was supposed to get 6 BAT and left with nothing. At least I’m not the only one. . .

I have the same problem. I was supposed to get more than 3 BAT as per estimates, but got only 0.25 BAT. Is there a post where the developers have acknowledged the issue? Any indication about when this issue will be resolved?

Same problem here. Was supposed to receive more than 4.5BAT. Got only 0.25

Might as well add that I too was effected by the .25 BAT. I will continue to use BRAVE as they have stopped 47k trackera and ad blockers for me. The cherry on top is my BAT, soooo mannnyyy ads. Hopefully they get rolled into April payout in May.

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I am also facing same problem

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