Recently my creator account got UNbanned

hi @steeven @rodrige

before ban i was having 170 bats . then i thought i wouldn’t get unbaned so i disconnected my gemini from that creator account . then i got unbanned on 1st October and connected back my gemini but payput in progress was already showing before connection. ALSO I HAVENT GOT MY FIRST PAYOUT FROM THIS ACCOUNT cause i lost 2fa and rsetting took time

Ques 1 - So will I get my bats this october ???

Ques 2 - if i dont send any more bats to that creator will my account be banned again cause the automated system will catch the same thing again as nothing is changed ???

I guess no one is able to answer your question.
If your account is not banned, then it is likely that your will receive your payment in October or November. But you need to wait to see.

If your account will get banned again? No one knows. The system is automatic and if it detects something that is suspicious it may ban it again. You need to think about what you have been doing to get it banned in the first place, and avoiding it.
If you have been tipping yourself, then you have the answer.

no i wont be doing any activity at all to this account till i recieve my payout . Giving no reason to ban . btw thanks for the reply

i have been in the same situation as you , you will receive your payout this month or next month (probabily because you have to connect your creator account before 30th ,in this case you did it this month ) if you want to tip again just for your payout first .

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@hacked what was your possible reason for the ban ? just curious

@Kay146 if you haven’t already please write directly into and your issue will be addressed there. Thank you.

Closing this thread as suspensions are not handled on the Community board.