Recent inability to scroll using scroll bar on my Mac on certain sites--have to use up and down keys


In the past couple of months on my Mac version 10.11.6 in Brave browser, when I link onto some sites, can’t scroll using scroll bar. Have to use up and down keys. Is there some setting I could use so I can always use scroll bar on my laptop?


Hi @Ames,

First, let’s check if you have Site isolation enabled under Preferences > Security. Having that setting enabled may cause some issue/s.

Also, can you provide your Brave version (from about:brave)?



No, Site isolation is not enabled.

Brave version 0.23.77


This scroling problem is definitely a Brave issue as on the same links/sites when I use safari or firefox, scrolling usng my scroll bar works normally.


Thanks for the info @Ames.

Can you give example site where the scrolling issue happens?
Also cc @LaurenWags @sriram


I am editing this as there seems no way to send the original site from which my problem starts without the url including my email info and I am not sure if that is safe to put out there.

I discovered today that if I click on another site in another tab and then come back to the opened link, then it does let me scroll. Strange, as this is a recent occurrence. I can live with this as it at least does give me a way to scroll without using the up/down keys.

thanks so much for your efforts to help.


@Ames The site where you have the scrolling issue, do you navigate to the site directly by entering the URL or do you Cmd+Click on the link and open in a new tab?


I just click on the link in the original email and when the link opens in another tab, on many, but not all, sites, the scroll bar does not work. I have to use the up/down keys. But I found that if I briefly go to another site on another tab, when I come back, the scroll bar works.