Receiving only 4 to 5 ad notifications in a day and only in morning

I only receive about 5 ads in the morning and since then I’ve not recived any ad notifications even though I use the browser extensively…and this happens every day… I’ve set up everything correctly and I’ve set ads to upto 5 per hour…

Basically, I only receive about 5 ads in the morning and after that for the rest of the day I don’t recive any ads even though I use the browser extensively…

Brave Version : 1.5.6

Moto G4 plus 32gb variant

Because of this I recieved only 20 ad notifications in about a week even though I use the browser for 7 to 8 hours every day…

Please let me know if a solution is available

Hi @Rishav - thanks a bunch for reporting. This could be a supply catalogue issue. What country are you in? Thanks in advance!


I’m from India…

Can you check whether the catalog gets downloaded for your region?
catalog URL :

If the catalog gets downloaded and ad categories are available then you should be able to see ads.

If it’s empty then you need to check and see IP points to which country.

So I opened the first link and the page contained a lot of text and tags (image attached)

And second link showed the same thing that IP address is from India

This seems like a supply issue - not enough ads in India’s catalogue.

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