Receiving Brave Rewards to Brave Wallet

Recently my Uphold wallet won’t verify anymore due to the region being unsupported (Netherlands). Isn’t it possible to receive the Brave Rewards in my Brave Wallet, instead of the two (both unavailable) options, Uphold and Gemini? If it’s not possible, can someone please explain why not?

Verification for withdrawal is required with one of our custodial partners due to KYC/AML requirements. You can learn more here:

Thank you for your understanding.

Brave Team

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Hi Evan123,

Thanks for your reply and help! Unfortunately, it’s still not clear to me why Brave doesn’t send the Brave Rewards to the Brave Wallet. Is it because Brave Wallet can not verify users, and therefore doesn’t meet the KYC/AML requirements?

Correct! In order to comply with regulations a regulated custodian is required.

Here’s some additional information regarding the upcoming changes surrounding Brave Rewards and verification:

Thank you again


@Polvito It seems Evan123 did answer your questions, but if you just are wanting to learn a bit more or see things phrased differently, you might want to check out sections of my FAQ linked below:

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Got it! And thank you again, for your help and patience!

Hi Saoiray, thanks for your help too! I’ll definitely check out the links you sent, cheers!

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