Receiving 'Brave is not responding' message quite frequently

Description of the issue: I’m receiving a ‘Brave is not responding’ message quite frequently. Also, it seems that response time is very slow at random times.
How can this issue be reproduced? Numerous times as I navigate numerous commonly used sites throughout each day. Random occurrences.

  1. Results from clicking on a link or on a page within an article.

Expected result: I would dearly like to make this an experience from the past!

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.42.97

Additional Information: I used to use a computer in my work and was able to effectively resolve issues. Ten years ago I was in a catastrophic auto accident with a great deal of trauma and 32 surgeries so far. My memory and follow-through have been affected, so if I say/do something dumb, just smile and laugh. I depend now on written instructions that I can follow and review later on if the same problem occurs, if it is a problem that doesn’t happen daily.

Do you have any browser extensions installed? If so, first thing I would do is disable them all and then see whether or not the problem goes away.

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