Receiving ads, but not receiving BAT

I know I am not the only person having this problem and it’s an issue that has been happening for at least 3 weeks.

The ads counter seems to be working perfectly fine as the number of ads viewed increases on a daily basis, but the number of BAT tokens associated with these ads never increases past the original 0.

I immediately update whenever a Brave update is available and I’ve confirmed that my Uphold wallet is verified. I’ve been using Brave for months and never had this problem until the first week of May.

Is anyone aware of a fix that can resolve this without Brave’s internal dev team?

Because from reading plenty of other posts and the lack of responses from Brave’s internal support team this doesn’t seem to be a priority for them to respond to any messages with a timeline or reasonable response to why this may be happening. An acknowledgement of the problem would be a wonderful first step.


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