Receiving Ads but No increment in BATs and Ad Counter

tens of ads received today but no increment in current earnings
Wallet Statues : Unverified
Received BATs earlier : Yes
OS : Windows 11
Brave version: 1.31.91
@steeven @Mattches plz have a look at this issue


I also had the same situation.

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Same here. I receive both notification and background ads, they’re registered as such by the internal counter, but the amount of BAT doesn’t increase

same situation here!!!

I am using brave browser in Windows 11. Even I am facing the situation but it started happening just after I verified my account in gemini . I just don’t why it is behaving like this.

mine was working up until 41 ads then it stopped counting the ones after

I am also facing this issue. Could be due to a partial outage, can be tracked here-

Page says, it has been resolved but Brave team may still be working on it. Browser is unable to fill unblinded tokens and unable to confirm Ads viewed.

Not resolved yet. The ads log keeps growing (and I keep receiving them) but the BAT counter is still stuck at where it was yesterday when I shut down the PC.

This was an issue on our end:

It has now been resolved and everything should be working properly.

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@Mattches Not for me yet. Please check here for more info-

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