Received payment on 9th May, but is it full?

I received a payment of 1.79 BAT on 9th May…

But as of 9th May 2021, this is the status of my potential earnings…

I am certain that before 6th May 2021, I still had Estimated Pending Rewards at 3.5XXX BAT… Not sure why am I paid on 1.79 BAT. I don’t think it’s the full payment until 6th May 2021.

This is really confusing. Can anyone help?
The Brave team really needs to improve on the transparency on how they award the BAT, how they calculate the monthly earnings and how they disburse it, either on the user’s dashboard or in the confirmation mail that they send after making payments to Uphold wallets…

I received another 0.26 BAT. I am not sure what this is, and there is no explanation, is it the final part or are there any more partial payments coming in?
Also, to all those saying that I should consider myself lucky that I am getting paid at all… it’s not a competition. I am not complaining about not getting paid full. Like I said, my post is mainly to highlight my confusion (and by the replies, confusion of many others) and the lack of total transparency in Brave rewards.


not untill 6 May. It is for untill 30 April

welp, that’s that! although they should make it clear what is their calculation cycle (from XX date to XX date) not just the “Next Payment Date”… that doesn’t make much sense, because they almost never adhere to the payment date, it’s always 1-3 days late… so what’s the point of giving a payment date that you yourself don’t stick to?
Also, pretty sure I have accumulated more than 1.79 BAT till 30th April… can’t happen that until 30th April, it’s 1.79 BAT and as of today (in 9 days) it suddenly jumps to 4.239 BAT… that’s almost 2.4 times more in just 9 days than what I would earn in a month (assuming 1.79 BAT in a month)…


You are absolutely right.
I was having approx. 9 BATs recieved just 2.
But I still think that payments are under process so may be I’ll get it in 1_2 more days.
They need to be clear about that what is the calculation and payment criteria ?
I’ll wait for 1_2 days and see whether payment get received or not.


i have the same problem

Bro, did you receive a payment, how fortunate almost no one has even received a payment, from me still nothing has reached me anyway

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Same mate, received nothing.

Yes, as in the image above, 1.79 BAT, but I am pretty sure it’s not that less in a month… which is why the confusion? I would have rather waited a bit more but for the full amount due.
Also, you may receive soon. At least 5 people I know who use Brave, have gotten their payments.

Verified wallets or unverified? The people you know.

Not sure for all of them, but a couple of them is verified wallets. So am I.

you have receieved something. but we did not received. you are lucky
lets see we are waiting too

Sure… it’s not a competition anyways… my original post is only to help me understand my confusion… at the end everyone will get it hopefully… :slight_smile:

Same issue here . they send send us so less amount of bat.

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