Received only 1/3 of feb payout (jan month)

I usually receive my 3 payouts between the 8th-10th of each month. Jan was the first time it was delayed by about a week or so arriving on the 16th. However this month ive only received 1 payout of 3(which was late as well) on the 12th and is significantly less than the average i get (0.61 BAT to my usual 2-4 BAT PER payout). So instead of getting 3 payouts between 2-4 BAT each between the 8th-10th i get 1 payout of 0.61 BAT on the 12th.

What is considered a late payment for the jan payout as i keep reading about bonuses for late payments? For the prior month i received 1 payout late by a week.

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