Received only 0.25 BAT instead of 3.517

received my all bat’s of last month cycle. thanks to team again.


I got the same thing happen to me about a week ago, then today the browsers prompted again to claim the rewards and once again the rewards appeared and then disappeared resulting in zero rewards for March

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Thank you very much, I’m using PC, using iOS gets zero BAT. I guess should be the country I’m in doesn’t have much rewards. Even Brave ads gets 0.01 BAT, articles mostly Zero, even if there is rewards it’s 0.005 BAT.

Sad thing is every month it says sending out 0.25 out of the 0.5 estimator, that 0.25 didn’t arrive and estimator zero out. Haven’t receive that 0.25 for the past 2 months

In good news they did get my BAT payment resolved, took a little while but still happy it came thru

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