Received less brave rewards for March Payout

I have 2 accounts linked to same uphold account. I am using brave in both the devices.
On 28th Feb the estimated earnings on the devices are around 1.5 BAT for one device and .5 for second device.

However, I have received 0.63 BAT in total. (Less than half, it should be 5-10% deviation at max)
Also, this is not the first time I am getting less rewards. I see this issue has been present for long time and I kept ignoring that. But, I see this has not ben fixed yet.

How can I ensure that I will get the approx BAT rewards as shown in the estimated earnings?

@AndBat I’m going to break this apart so not mixing things up and so we can have clarity on the issue.

This was addressed and a major issue for users this month. They had some issues on the back end with ads getting reconciled. You’ll see that the balance carried forward in your Estimated Earnings and will be paid out in the following month. It impacted almost all users and was quite frustrating. Staff did look into it and said:

There are a few reasons other than BAT being viewed towards the end of the month that may cause the browser to not reconcile ads, or at least not reconcile them in time. While I can’t get into those exact/specific reasons, the short of it is that 1.5 seems a little high, but is certainly reasonable.

As far explaining to users go, the basic explanation of “sometimes BAT doesn’t get reconciled by the time the pay period completes, that BAT is then rolled over into the next month” should suffice.

The 1.5 referenced there was mine. My browser showed that 1.5 BAT remained in Estimated Earnings and I only was scheduled to get +2.746 BAT February rewards.

They also have addressed this before, which you can see at Ads Payout Status Update

“Why is my payment amount different than what my ‘estimated earnings’ was showing”?
This is perfectly normal! Sometimes ads do not fully reconcile (“cash in”) before the end of the payment period. So while this does appear in your Estimated earnings in real time, unreconciled funds will not appear in the current month’s payout and will instead be “rolled over” into next month’s payment.

On this, I guess just need clarity on if you’re saying it keeps having unreconciled ads and it’s rolling forward each month or are you saying you’re not getting paid everything? You shouldn’t be seeing a big difference on earnings beyond what’s been explained. If you’re seeing your Estimated Earnings drop to 0 and the pay decrease, then that’s awkward and definitely something to contact staff about. I just want to get a little clarity on what the issue is that you’re explaining on this.

Let me explain the problem more clearly.

Desktop Browser -

In the Brave Rewards Wallet History For Feb 2022, This is the details -

8 Feb Ads rewards received 2.000BAT1.40 USD

However, there is no such entry in the March 2022 statement.
So, I am not sure what portion of the estimated earnings I have received for this month.

Mobile Browser -

I cannot find the Brave Rewards Wallet History section in android brave wallet.
Moreover, If I go to rewards-internal page

Wallet Info:
Wallet has not been created yet
Balance Info:
Total Balance 0 BAT
External wallet Info:
Wallet Status: Not connected

However, I have already verified the wallet with upload and I see balance in “Your balance” section which is same as balance in uphold account.

Statements are something that has been lacking for us if we are using Uphold or Gemini. It’s something they are actually working on building out for us, which you can see at

Where you will see amounts is in Uphold after it arrives. Payments are still processing but should be fully sent by Brave very soon. In the meanwhile, it also can take a couple days for Uphold to process. But everything should be received here in the new 3-5 days.

This happens on occasion. It used to be something like 180 days or so I think. But what happened is you are still connected on the server side but it logged you out from being able to see your Uphold account. It’s like if you logged on to your bank website. If you get logged out, you won’t see your balance but it doesn’t mean your account is closed or money lost. You just have to sign in again. So in your Brave Rewards, you’ll likely see where it says Verify and you’ll just have to click there and Log In to Uphold, where it will start showing your balance and if you check brave://rewards-internals you’ll see where it shows your external wallet as being coninected.

Basically, Android doesn’t have as many details as it should. Some of that is in development but no exact ETA on it. Status is still in the early stages and not actively being worked on.

Careful on phrasing as Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are two different things. We’re slowly having to adjust the term “wallet” to “rewards” to limit the confusion there. But I answered assuming based on the rest you’re referring to things surrounding your Brave Rewards and you’re not talking about the self-custody Brave Wallet where you buy/send/swap cryptocurrency and where we are unable to receive BAT from Brave Rewards.

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