Received a portion of my bat but not the full amount

On 11/6/2021 a claim button showed up on my browser even though I had uphold verified and linked. So I clicked it said I had received 5.2 bat and it even reflected it in the linked wallet through brave and the wallet activity but didn’t show when I went to my actual uphold account. Fast forwarded to tonight 11/7 I decided to un-link my wallets both uphold and Gemini and re-link(it often bugs out for me and this fixes at least in my case) and when I reauthorized uphold I immediately saw the notification that Brave had deposited that 5.2. I still had 3.261 pending to arrive according to brave screenshots I took at the the time of pressing that claim button. I also still had bat to receive from my phone that links to the same uphold account. Can someone help me?

Edit: Deleted previous topic because it wasn’t in rewards support. Sorry if it seems like double posting.

This is normal. Payments are processing in a few days your payments should show up. It takes up to a week to pay everything out and for a bit it will look like it disappeared.

Good evening! This is normal, I figure that 7 they pay me and it is already 8 and they have not paid me yet. But this is usually the case, it takes a few days or more to pay. The same thing happens to all of us!

It’s just odd to me, they normally (as in my case) send me the full amount as you can see in the screenshot for the previous month(in my uphold) was sent 8.5 bat. While this time it showed me a claim button which I’ve never seen because the only way I was able to receive bat was when I verified my wallet. I just want to receive the full amount so I can hurry and do a brave clean install without getting too far into the month so I don’t waste the bats I already earned for this month when I wipe it.

I’m aware of this when I look at the previous dates they sent me yet in this case it is different as you can see previous months date and amount. It’s split somehow. I’ll have to wait til the 9th to see if that amount is sent (which I’m almost sure it will) was just hoping to see what went wrong for prevention in the future, after I do a clean install.

Yes, let’s hope it’s just a “scare” and that they deposit the BATS. Now we just have to wait! :slight_smile:

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!