Received 2 different referral links for same account 😔

Description of the issue:
Received two different referral links on my gmail for same brave account.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. My referral Stats had disappeared earlier but now it’s fixed.
  2. While fixing I was asked to remove & readd my channels. I did so. After doing this the stats reappeared.
  3. And then I got a mail containing my referral link, comparing this mail with my previous mail I found that both mails have different referral link.
  4. Can the admin/developer please let me know which one is correct ?
  5. Note: I have 1 referred user using brave, with my old referral link.

Expected result:
Correct referral link which is workable to my account.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Latest Version (Android).

Additional Information:
Email : [email protected]

Hope this gets solved, thanks. :blush:
@Aa-ron @steeven @Mattches

The latest referral code is the correct one!


But I have 1 referred friend with old referral code, will that referral go waste ??
I’m getting stats in my account with reference to old ref link only.
And I have have added 2 channels (twitter & youtube). Are the referral codes separate for each channel ?

They are different for each channels. I believe that the one referral will go to waste. If your friend is using the Brave browser you could tell them to uninstall and re-download with the new referral code.

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sir i am getting ads but they are not counting in (ads nootification received this month) and BATS are also stucked pls help

Can you please reconfirm ?
Because my friend has already linked his browser with uphold & he even has some BATs earned in it.
Please recheck sir… @cory

Hi @AkshayGaonkar19, I see 1 ref code for your verified twitter, and one for your youtube.

So there isn’t any issue right, if I use any referral code to refer my friends & they install using it, I’ll get my referral BAT awards ? @steeven
Thanks :blush:

That’s correct :slight_smile: after 30 days of continuous use.

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I referred two on JUNE but only 1 showed to
my downloaded stats and 0 installed or confirmed. Why is that? 3 months had passed and not confirmed. I’m sure they are using brave browser everyday.

Ps. I received also two referral links. @steeven

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