Receive some bat reward few mins ago

Receive some bat rewards… but didnt receive all the estimated pending rewards


the same problem no full payment yet @steeven


I just got a bulk of transfers to my Uphold days after my usual payment date of 5th of every month. Could it be because they are buying BATs during these dips?

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i got 37 BATS thank you so much BRAVE

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I had a 500 BAT from a BTC account like a month or so ago , i’m pretty sure it doesn’t cover the topic but i think there’s some anon generous guy from the staff or something . They got your ass covered😃

when did you receive it

2 hours ago …

What problem did you faced?

I’ve also noticed this. The only thing I can think of is that the transfer fees have increased significantly, so there is probably a loss there.

They say, it’s because of the etherium network which are having high fees for months already.

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I’ve been getting $BAT in small amounts here lately for AUGUST. I’m just happy to finally start getting them. I had pretty much wrote them off. I’ve received about half what I earned so far. They are trying to catch up I guess.

@ZebWalton I hope they are catching up, b/c I didn’t get all my August BAT today, just about 60% for some reason. This is the only ad payout that I have received for August so far.

GAS price has raised much on all ERC , there are different new wallets where you can swap with less txs fee

i hope they will eventually fix this. if this are bugs

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