Receive less BAT

For a long time now i have been receiving 70-90% less BAT than i was previously earning. I was earning between 15-20 BAT a month now i receive 2-3 BAT. Why is that ?

Probably cuz the value of BAT has increased. 1 BAT is almost 0.6 USD right now

No it’s not that, because in March when I won 19 BAT, the BAT was worth 0.19 USD.
And from September I earned about 3 BAT and it was still worth 0.19 USD.

i have same problem i get only half a payment this month…

We all have the same “problem”…

So that means you made the same amount in dollars right? Problem solved

Maybe a moderator can help us ?

No that means i earn less BAT

A moderator to help us please ?

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