Receive BAT directly to my Ethereum Wallet


Hi there, I have started receiving revenue into my uphold wallet - which is very cool, thank you BAT / Brave.

BUT… it seems to be automatically converting them into fiat.

Is there a way I can

a) receive BAT directly to my Ethereum Wallet, or
b) keep my revenue in BAT instead of fiat?


Hi @chrishobcroft,
Great to hear that! :+1:

Yes, you can receive it in FIAT, ETH, or BAT, etc through Uphold. You need to:

  • Change your deposit currency to ETH or BAT at your publishers dashboard (
  • And change your default currency on Uphold and match the deposit currency.

Hope that can help.


OK, very nice, thank you for the explanation @eljuno - as it happens, I apparently do hold my latest payment in BAT, however uphold displays the total balance in fiat, converted at some kind of BAT --> fiat rate.


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