ReCAPTCHA loop while trying to login eBay Australia

I receive a constant ReCAPTCHA loop while trying to login to eBay Australia on Mobile (see attached). It confirms me and gives the tick but when I click next ReCAPTCHA occurs again and unable to get past that stage.

No issue when using Chrome and can login. Clearing cache and history doesn’t solve problem. Using latest Brave mobile browser and on HTC U11.

When you on eBay, can you click Brave icon at URL bar and disable “Block 3rd party cookies” and try to log in again?

Just tried this. Still doesn’t work…

when I do disable the 3rd party usually I do a refresh and it helps

Did a refresh and shut down brave and reopened. Wondering if I need to reinstall. Last time I lost my bookmarks when I did that on an old phone.

I do not have to shut down brave… I just click on to disable the 3rd party and to a refresh of the page and usually it works.

Doesn’t work for me unfortunately.

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