Reasons why Brave is not ready yet to be my main browser


It’s fast and i like it a lot, for the first time in years i’am almost ready to switch from firefox but no until these are resolved:

Print-screen (ie firefox build print-screen) is missing, need to use third party add-on

Copy and paste from web site to an email is not working properly, the display is ugly, I want the clean paste i get with firefox (from to an email, the colours, formating, etc, dont need it) (see attached file showing a paste in a email from firefox looks like).


Brave blocks features that are needed for certain sites (ie car rentals and hotel chains) to work properly, we need to disable entirely shield options for these sites to work. A build in report site should be implemented for technician to find out what is the issue.


Hi @Kiff4Free,

If a website you visited is not working as expected, you should try and disable the shield protection placed on that website by clicking on the Brave icon at the right hand side of the address bar and ensure shields are down for that site as this resolves the issue of a malfunctioning website in most cases.

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