Reason for disappearance of stored login info

Description of the issue:
Login info for all sites has disappeared.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Access a website to which I usually have automatic login.
2.Site requests login credentials

Expected result:
Site login is automatic.,

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.37.109 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

I see that there are ways to recover the passwords. That is not my issue. I want to know

  • what conditions make this happen?
  • Is some process crashing?
  • Has my system security been compromised?
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Hello @stephenboston, thank you for reaching us out. By any chance did you clear your cookies and cache recently? Maybe logins and password were deleted accidentally selecting passwords and other sign in data or the option autofill form data while deleting browsing data.

Please check under the password manager to see if your logins/passwords are still there: brave://settings/autofill and the options Offer to save passwords and Auto Sign-in are enabled. Hope this helps. Regards.

Leaving everything else aside, you’re using an old version of Brave and should get it up to the latest. The most recent version of Brave for Desktop is 1.47.171. Any reason why you’re not keeping the browser updated?

That’s what you’re having to watch and tell us. Nobody here is a mind reader or able to see into the past. We can only help based on what information you provide. Does it log you out as soon as you leave the site? Does it do it when you close the window? What exactly is happening when you’re saying issue with login happens?

I have never see this happen in Brave. Cookies eventually expire and sites will occasionally make you log in again. Brave can remember the passwords for you but it still requires you to click and choose login and to then log in. Never once has it just “automatically logged in” when I visit a page that didn’t just keep me logged in from a remaining cookie.

In other words, it’s only kept people logged into sites. It didn’t automatically login the user.

Doesn’t sound like it, or you’d get a notification about it.

Doesn’t sound like it.

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Btw, back onto this part, are you saying nothing is listed if you go to settingsautofillpassword manager (or direct link is brave://settings/passwords)? Or are you just referring to the idea of how it isn’t just automatically signing you into websites without your input?

You’re coming across as aggressive. You sound defensive

To be clear : I am not questioning the stability or safety of the browser. Not at all.

I have been using Brave for many years, since its first release, and have seen this happen occasionally. I’m wondering if the Brave Community – which shows that this has happened to other people often enough to make me wonder if there is any accepted explanation.

As for mind reading? I suggest you’re doing too much of that.

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I answered questions and pointed out difficulty of being able to assist on the little info you gave.

For example, you didn’t mention if you had just added anything to your device or even done something like clear cookies when this happened. Whether you’re using extensions. All sorts of information missing. So when you’re asking what conditions can make your situation happen, it’s an open ended question that has no reasonable answer with the limited info you provided.

Nothing I said had anything to do with that. I asked for more information to try to get a better understanding of what’s going on and to try to assist. I also then tried to address phrasing to make sure I can understand what you’re saying correctly.

Helps if you link to any references. Did they ever get a solution or figure out what caused the problem for those cases you’re saying that have existed?

You’re coming across as blaming and hyper-critical. It’s too bad because you might have some good suggestions about where I could look.

Instead you berate me for not having looked at these things before asking my question. What’s up with that? Why do you need to put people down?

I’ve often received useful information on this site, from other users.

So I’m going to ignore you.


i’m having the exact same probleme all my login info dissapeared and i can’t find it anymore. i tried switching profil, changing profil path, but i lost every password i had in the password manager…
i’m on the last version of brave and been using it for 4 good years now…
Hope i can get them back and we can find a fix.

Oh and forgot to say i’ve also been disconnected from
everything just like i cleared my cache and cookie, except i didn’t…

I hadn’t cleared any cached data. The only system event was a restart.

Now on another of my computers, the same thing happened after an update to brave. All other associated data was retained: bookmarks, addresses and so on.

After looking more into it I think what happened is that brave logged me out of all logins.

Other people are seeing the same thing so I’m going to write it off as a one-off fluke.

Thanks for your reply.

A true ninja treats people with respect. Piety and pride are serious spiritual weaknesses so he needs to go back to ninja school.

Hello again @stephenboston, please try checking if the option clear data on exit is not enabled under brave://history/ > clear browsing data > on exit If so, disable it and let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.

If it’s okay I’d like to jump straight into the main issue here. @stephenboston, can you please confirm that if you go to Settings —> Autofill --> Passwords, all of this data is gone? Or are you simply saying that you are not signed into certain sites anymore, and have to re-enter your credentials?

Additionally, I would highly recommend updating your browser to the latest build (v1.47.171 at the time of writing this).

Don’t take it so serious. Maybe you got it too personal, I understand that, but what @Saoiray pointed out are legitim points and questions.

You are right that passwords have been disappearing recently. I have seen it myself. And there are other reports in this community.

But it is also a fact that you are using a release that is almost 1 year old. This was the very first point @Saoiray mentioned. You cannot expect stability when you do not care about your own software.

So, let’s stop the fight. We are all together in this. And we all expect things to get better.


today suddenly and by no reason I lost all my passwords from brave browser.

Can you tell me please what is going on. I have saved all my passwords.

I neve clean passwords or something else.

Is it a chronium based bug issue? Chrome browser happens the same.

To bad for brave.

I read something about the bookmarks.bak.


They were not put as questions they were put as accusations of incompetence. They were designed to make me feel like a bad negligent person.

We used to see a lot of this nonsense back in the early days of Linux when too many expert users wanted to beat their chests.

I don’t put up with it. If you have an urge to beat people up there are more appropriate fora than a ‘support’ forum.

If I have another question about Brave I’ll find another forum. There is an active one on Reddit I believe.

They look like questions to me. I don’t see where he ever insulted you or spoke down to you either.

Saoiray has helped a lot of people. Sometimes he doesn’t phrase things as well as he should, but always been helpful. Nothing said should have gotten the response it did and I feel bad for him for the attitude that was given.

I find this very interesting as I know that he helped solve another issue for you in the past.

How you read text says a lot about yourself. If you read everything in a calm and friendly way, that’s how it comes across. You, the reader, are the one who determines the tone. Not sure what you’re dealing with in life, but hopefully you can find some peace and happiness soon.

Glad to hear you responded to say no issue on other browsers and you’re considering this a fluke.

Also should note that Saoiray is active on Reddit and other places for support as well.

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Hi there, i had encouter the same problem today. Brave version 1.47.186

After a sudden crash while using brave, it seems like all stored data, autofill/login data/cache on wesbite such as facebook… are all gone.

And found out that the brave reward also turns to “Unavailable in your region” which was still work before the crash. The setting like dark mode and other setting are also return to default but some of them still remain which is weird.

The browsing history still exist as before, and the profile switching icon at the same line of link address/extension are also gone but it can still be found in setting.

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Yup, same thing here. It happened once a few weeks ago and I just tossed it off, but it just happened again. Did not clear cookies or change anything in that regard. I can see all my saved logins in my settings, and offer to save/use auto login are on. Brave v1.48.167 Win 10.

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I’ve now had the same problem as well. Did not clear cookies, or change anything. Diagnostic info:

  • Brave 1.48.171
  • Only one profile
  • No fancy stuff like extensions or sync activated
  • I DO see the Login Data file, and I can open it, valid SQL Lite
  • Navigating to brave://settings/passwords is completely empty
  • Bookmarks are still available so it doesn’t seem like its unable to access the profile entirely

Any suggestions here? Is there a way I can get it to import the data -from itself-, or in some way decode the passwords in the SQL Lite or something?

Any help recovering the passwords would be appreciated.

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