Reading list features

So far the reading list is nice to keep order and close some tabs on articles, but lacks to me when you get to a larger amount of articles to read, lets say i have a 100 things to read, it starts getting arduous to keep looking back into the list to see which you have read and which you have not. As there is no indication of if you have marked it as read as far as i can see, so something which would do that, a little checkmark on the tab for example would be nice. maybe the posibility to sort tabs in different ways like a-z, old-new and such.

it would also be nice if it would be possible to search your reading list with a little search bar. but I am mainly here for the little checkmark of “have read”. (im reading the scp wiki and it would be nice if i dident have to scroll trough the reading list to see if i’ve read the page)