Reading Digital Newspaper, zoom goes to All white page

*Troubleshooting technical issues is much easier when

*Description of the issue:
I read my local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, online.
After I touch my screen to zoom into an article the page zooms in properly, but then the screen turns all white. I can reload the page but it is Not zoomed. This started immediately after I updated Brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Look at a newspaper using olivesoftware.
  2. Brave 1.3.2
  3. Galaxy Note 8.

Hmm, I’m actually unable to view the site at all. After creating an account and attempting to login it just redirects me to the login screen. Would you be willing to share a short recording of the behavior?

I tried to upload screen videos but the site responded new users not allowed

Send me an email to send the files to. I have 2 videos, 1 on Brave, 1 on chrome.

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