Reader Mode Utilization

Hello, I would like to suggest proper utilization of Chromium Reader Mode. Currently you have pop up window when reader mode is available. I don’t think it is enough. In this case when you enter Reader Mode and then go back you no longer can go back to Reader Mode. I set up my Android Brave Browser like this using this flags.

Reader Mode Triggering (#reader-mode-heuristics) - All Articles

  • This I think should be option in Brave setting to choose which pages will trigger Reader Mode Avaiability

Contextual page actions - reader mode (#contextual-page-actions-reader-mode) - Enabled Action Chip

  • Option Enabled Action Chip give me option to re-enter Reader Mode any time I want.
  • Problem is that this action chip is not very well accepted by Brave Browser. Sometime I need to swipe the page on bar to make action chip appear or reload page. Second thing is that it broke smooth address bar with some additional design element so it not looks so smooth.

Reader Mode in CCT (#enable-reader-mode-in-cct) - Disabled

  • I think when Brave Browser is freshly installed then it is set to default and it does not opening pages in CCT but when you change it then default behaves like Enabled so I need to Disable it. If it is not true then Disable is I think way to go.

This is best setup that can be use to utilize Reader Mode but I think we can go more deep.

  • I think option in settings to enable auto entering in Read Mode would be amazing. Page recognize that this page can be displayed in Reader Mode? Then open it in reader mode automatically.
  • Also option in settings to enable always visible Reader Mode button would be simply the best.

I hope that I provided you something useful and have a great day and thank you for your work.

Doesn’t do anything for me. I am assuming it should show the reader mode option from the three dot menu.

I really want to use reader mode and this flag seems to be a good compromise between ‘throwing a 100-faced dice to see if the site would trigger reader mode’ and ‘getting annoyed after enabling reader mode always in the flags’.

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