Read PDF files without keeping them

Hi, I really like your Android browser, switched from Chrome, where they broke option of having all controls on the bottom of the screen. But there is an issue which I met both in Chrome and here. Is there any way to have PDF preview in browser, like it is on destktop browsers and on Safari?

When I open PDF file, it is downloaded into Downloads folder and PDF viewer is opened, when I read file I close Viewer, but the file stays there. This brings several problems:

If you read many PDFs, your phone storage is constantly cluttered by random files.

If you want to read the file again, you are asked “Download again?”, you can’t just open it. You either have to download it with a new name, or cancel, exit browser, and find the file in your old downloads.

If you have another file with the same name, you are asked to rename it too.

I just want to keep my storage clean, and this thing really drives me mad. Is it possible to fix it at all, or this is completely Android issue? Maybe you can at least add Delete button to download notification bar?

I like this idea. A type of compartmentalized, preview in a type of mini virtual machine?
Having had the extremely distressing experience of being hacked by a virus that used pdf’s download mechanism as a “email bomb”, I’m surprised more people don’t need and/or thought of this feature.