Re YouTube: Brave won't remember my desire to turn Autoplay off


Youtube has a useless feature called “AUTOPLAY”. I only ever want it “on” if I’m listening to a playlist. I want Brave to remember that my preference is always to have it turned OFF.
My other browsers remember my choice but Brave keeps it set to “on” everytime I start Brave up again.
Is there a way to fix this?

In case this helps at all I’m running:


Thanks, Reg.


Hi @RomanCanon,

I’m sorry for late response. Is this still happening in latest release?
Also what setting that you have enabled in Preferences > Security > Private Data?


Resolved (hopefully): YouTube autoplay - Have Brave remember preferences

After reading your response I tried it again. It seemed to work but I wanted to be sure so, after restarting Brave, I restarted my computer. In the process I upgraded to version 0.20.42.
Now it seems to be remembering my decision.
Should the problem reappear I’ll respond to your query about my settings for Privacy Data.
Thanks for the response!
God be with you,


Thanks for confirming @RomanCanon! :slight_smile:

Let me close this thread for now. Feel free to open new one if this happen again or you have another report.

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