Re: Why is Brave Browser showing less Ads?

Brave browser seems to be showing less ads on my Windows 10 PC

Frequency of showing ads is set to same but the number of ads shown in Dec 2019 is 1/2 of the number of ads shown in Nov 2019

Why is that?

I have switched off and on Brave Rewards and switched off and on Show Ads option a few times in attempt to reset

Thank you

@XRPBAT1027 I’m pretty sure it’s normal. Brave Ads is processed by matching your browsing history with the available ads catalog. It’s also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country.

So once I switch on Brave Rewards, switch on Show Ads option and set a frequency, should I just leave it alone then?

Thank you

i am also use brave browser but i recived some time 1 ads or 2 or some time 3 ads in a day but some time i get 0.01 bat some time 0.02 bat

I think you need to switch off then switch on show ads, then change the frequency of ads showing per hour to what you want to make Brave Browser to start showing ads more

At least it worked for me

from first day of installation i get 0.001 bat . are you get same amount of bat or you get 1.000 bat for each ad . pls reply

I didn’t count how many BAT per ad from the start, right now I am not counting or calculating how many BAT I get per ad as long as the ads are shown to me I am all good, but it seems to be fairly small amount per ad

what is your country name

I don’t think where you are matters that much in terms of ads and I don’t think I am obligated to reveal where I am on this platform which is for everyone in the world. Please ask yourself if you want a complete stranger On the internet know where you are. I think I done my best to help you, please contact Official Brave support if you have further questions

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