Re: Not Earning BAT from Ads (Problem Solved in Initial Topic Post)

@Chocoholic Nice. You should check your thing as solution, haha.

But yeah, I’ve actually been learning there’s a lot of things that can interfere with ads. I ended up sharing a long post in general tackling a few issues I keep seeing come up on the forum. Like in the official resources,

Ad notifications will not be displayed when full-screen mode is detected to ensure the notifications do not interrupt the users session when watching a movie or gaming (for example).

Even more shocking was crazy little things too, like using a gaming mouse

Determined the cause to be a driver issue which also affected the Windows screen saver due to the driver always reporting the mouse being active.

lol I’ve been to that link many times! and the gaming mouse one rings a bell too. I use a gaming mouse but decided in the end that wasn’t the problem.

BTW really liked your post: PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads

It was awesome! :+1:

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Can you please tell me how to send dm template to moderators?

Sent you a DM Donkja. :slightly_smiling_face:

wow the great

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soory, i m quite a newbie in the help center : can you tell me how to find a link to DM a moderator : ads don t give me anymore rewards for a few weeks ? flagged i saw in a previous post ?
how to know and how to fix it ?
Thanks for your answers and your time

@Regisbbt Sent you a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

@SaltyBanana Problem still persists

That solved it for me. After almost 2 months of no ads that fixed it.

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I had my wallet connected to gemini and disconnected then I created a new profile but my old one is as it was.
Does my new created profile get automatically connected to gemini.
I created these profiles like 3-4 times and deleted them

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