Re No link previously i was verified but inactive for 1or more yeae



Thank you for expressing an interest in our referral program. Unfortunately at this time, we are no longer accepting new participants in the program. Note that this does not affect already verified Creators in the program. - you said that and closed the topic sorry to creating this topic again!

First of all I’m not new i already have verified account i have referred friends previously but i was inactive for more then 1year now today i logged in to my account but i can’t see my referral link! That’s why i removed my YouTube channel (which is previously verified) and added my 2 website and but not working

Thank you!

Hi, the referral program ended 1 year ago.

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But Visit they are still Running their referral link as a result I’m Started my own application Dilorex where i would like to place my Brave referral link you can check my app (not promoted yet)

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