Re-Location of ads


Thanks for the browser, it’s great. :+1:

I would like to suggest an idea to move the ad pop up box from the top(1) to the bottom(2) of the screen. I attached a photo as visual aid.


  • when I want to use one of the buttons in area 1, it happened many times that the ad appeared right at that time when I was about to press the refresh or Brave button. It toke me away from where I wanted to be
    -ergonomically, easier to deal with the ad as I can easily adjust the height of my thumb. For the same reason, if the ad pops up I can easily adjust my thumb to tap on my screen to make the ad disappear. And I don’t need to use my other hand.
    -I’m not sure if it’s a massive issue for people, but having this option would be welcomed

Attached phone and browser specs


Yo dude, you aren’t receiving any BAT Tokens in iOS, so why have you enabled Ads?

(They had to close the Rewards system in iOS a few months ago…)

Hey man,

For good? I didn’t know. But then, why is it still active. There must be some purpose if it’s active. I guess.

No, it has been disabled for iOS. Maybe it will be enabled back in the future… So they have that feature still installed.

But, yeah you don’t get any BAT Tokens on iOS currently…