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Can you please add the option to HTTPS Everywhere, one that is ordinarily available in the “regular” add-on, “Block all HTTP requests.”

Not yet in the wild, but very concerned about running an older iPad over WiFI, vulnerable to the KRACK attack. Apple will never offer a patch for this iOS version. Being able to block all non-HTTPS sites would reduce my attack surface.

Thank you

Currently running iOS 9.3.5/iPad2


HTTPS Everywhere is an built in option in Brave iOS. It is enabled by default on the browser.


I think you misunderstood. I know that HTTPS Everywhere is built-in to Brave, that’s it’s not an add-on. I am asking if the built-in HTTPS Everywhere in Brave could include the option “Block all HTTP requests”–which is available in the add-on for Firefox, Chrome etc.


Good idea. I think we would definitely consider adding this feature. However, we will soon be dropping iOS 9 / 10 support, and given our timeline, a feature like that would not be backwards compatible.

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