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Great app so far. I’ve noticed that the memory and battery usage has been better compared to Chrome, on my S10 at least. There’s been one issue so far for me, I’ve been trying to access the [] website but it keeps preventing me from doing so and saying “Access denied” and that I “don’t have permission to access [] on this server.” Why is this happening and what server is it talking about? I reopened the said website on chrome and it opened fine.


Thanks for reaching out to us.
Are you logged in (or attempting to login) when you see this message? Or do you see this after simply landing on the home page?

Nope. The “Access Denied” page is the first thing I see. It doesn’t even load the homepage of I’m not sure what server it is talking about and how to allow me through.

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Can you try clearing your cache/site data for and revisit and see if you get the same results?

To do this, visit the site, click the ‘lock’ icon in the address bar, then Site Settings --> Clear data.

It still doesn’t work for some reason. I was able to open the website then it refreshed itself and showed the “Access Denied” page again.

Try visiting the site, opening your Shields panel and (while Shields are up) change the cookie control setting to Allow all cookies – then try to reauthenticate again.

Hey @jdalit The error shown is severside. Can you re-try visiting the site/try with a different vpn location?

Tested from an NZ ip, seemed to work well.

How might I change my VPN location? I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about that.

@jdalit what vpn you use

I don’t use any as far as I’m aware of

could you try to disable shield and see if it work

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