Re: Crypto Wallet Blank Page

I created a crypto wallet by clicking on the connect to Trezor button, when I open up the crypto wallet page again it is a blank page, why is that and how do I fix it?

Thank you

Can you please elaborate more on how the issue occurred as well as what OS you’re using?

I am using Windows 10, I clicked on connect to Trezor in the Crypto Wallet page and wrote down the passphrase, then confirmed the passphrase, and next step I clicked on the “All done” button. The next time I open up the crypto wallet page, it is a blank page

same problem , win 10, created new wallet entered phrase, clicked done, no response from done button, remains visible/does not close. Closed done tab manualy clicked crypto wallets tab from drop menu and the screen is blank, no wallets or anything…

now the problem is, the page has randomly reappeared, try to create a new wallet and the time whell just keeps spinning for eternity…this doesnt inspire confidence.

@Spasm @XRPBAT1027,
Apologies for the late reply – I’m just getting back from some time off. Can you both confirm whether or not you’re still experiencing this issue?

Now, when I go to crypto wallet, it just asks for a password I pre-set to login, I can see the account fine, no abnormal behaviors, I don’t think it is connected to trezor, it seems like it set itself as a local wallet

Thank you for following up with this issue

If you click on the Account icon on the Crypto wallets page, you should see the option to connect a hardware wallet – can you try connecting your Trezor device to the account that way?

Right now, the crypto wallet won’t let me login using my pre-set password
I wonder if it is because I set the same password for both the crypto wallets I have in Laptop Brave browser and in Desktop Brave browser
This is second time it happened, I had to restore using my seed phrase the first time, good thing I don’t have any tokens in there so it doesn’t really matter if I can login or not

Got it – so you’re likely running into this guy:

Made some noise about it since there hasn’t been any movement on it in a while. Hopefully have more information soon.