Re: Brave 1.0 launch - need to re-install Brave browser?

Now that Brave 1.0 is launched

  1. Do we need to re-install our Brave browsers
  2. Will we have new Brave reward wallets that we need to backup
  3. Do we need to re-verify with Uphold again?

Thank you

No. It’s just a normal update and Brave should try to update automatically in the background. Or go to Menu > About Brave to manually trigger the update process.

So I assume we don’t need to backup the wallet again or re-verify on Uphold?

Thank you for your help

You don’t need to re-verify on Uphold.
As for the wallet, I’d stay on the safe side and backup, even though the update shouldn’t break anything.

Thank for your help, it is great Brave 1.0 is finally launched

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