"re-authorise with Uphold" error despite being linked with Gemini


My brave creators account is linked with Gemini, but I get the following error when clicking on statements:

“It looks like we’re unable to read transactions from your Uphold account. This affects the ability to generate statements for direct contributions. [Click here to re-authorize with Uphold.]”

Clicking on the link doesn’t do anything. I also have “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.” on the homepage. I have not yet reached the 5 BAT required for a payout. Will this issue be resolved when I reach that threshold? It seems strange to mention uphold when I have Gemini linked to it.

Thanks very much

Thanks for reporting. Can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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Thanks, the DM is sent

@steeven sorry to ping, but did you receive the DM alright?

I have the same Issue, but I have 5+ BAT in my creators Account for about a month now, so a payout should have been executet to gemini, but it has not!
Do I have to create an Uphold account as well?

When I click on View statements i get:

I have exactly the same problem as the OP. I switched from uphold to gemini and see the same behaviour.

Yes, exactly same problem too. I switched from Uphold to Gemini in the month of Feb 2021. Of course, no BAT(I have more than 5+ BATs) payout at all for the month of Feb 2021.

Hi, I’ve experienced the same problem as OP for the past month now. Been trying to verify my account with uphold but their customer service is shocking and I haven’t received a ticket response from them in over a month. Would be great to use Gemini for creator rewards as I do with my standard brave rewards but having linked my wallet last month all my tokens (over 5 BAT) stayed on the platform. Additionally when clicking the brave pop out wallet it tells me to verify my uphold account. Any help appreciated

Im having the same issue i wasn’t able to re-authorized my account with uphold. can anyone from the support team take a look with my account? thanks

I have a same issue with my account. :frowning:

Please DM the email linked to your account if experiencing this issue. Thanks.

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