Re-add the ability to turn off Native notifications

Sometime in between Chromium 83 and 85, a flag was removed, #enable-native-notifications. I always made sure that this flag was disabled, on any chrome/chromium based browser instance I had. I have used a particular gmail extension for years, that gives me a notification for every new email and that extension works so well that I rarely go to the website to handle my email. Losing non-native notifications has been a real annoyance because Windows 10 toasts/notifications are just so much less convenient and clunky. Because of that, I have turned off notifications for Brave in the Windows settings all together. This change has also more or less halted my intake of BAT because of the lack of in-browser, non-native notifications. I would love to continue contributing tips to certain websites but if I have to deal with native notifications I will have to halt that practice.

While I realize the reason the flag was removed was because it was made a full feature you could no longer turn off. I’m asking for the ability to turn them off again. I would greatly appreciate it and I have seen talk else where of displeasure over this problem as well.