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Ever since the last version of Brave Browser released in October. I have been getting a lot less Ads showing to me. I would say now I get 90% less Ads showing to me than before the last update

Anyone notice that. How do I get more Ads showing to me?

I have Windows 10 PC
Brave Browser version: Version 1.16.76 Chromium: 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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yes even i am aslo facing the same issue. it i am getting less ads from the last update. it may be a bug i request the bave team (@steeven) to fix this issue as soon as possible. thank you

Doing the exact same thing two days in a row, actually doing a bit less opening of pages the second day, first day two ads all day, second 20 ads. The browser needs to learn your interests and maybe things are really skewed to something they don’t have ads for. Also a question is if you ever clicked on the ad. If you were serving ads to two groups of people, where one was dismissing everything, and the other was doing honest click-thru rates. I think I know who I’d want to send more ads to. Just my thought.

You said you got 20 ads on the second day. Did you do anything different?

In Brave Browser under 7-day Ad history there are 3 different options that I am not familiar with. I don’t know if you have tried them before

  1. Give a thumbs up for an Ad, do you know if you give an Ad a thumbs up will generate more Ads for you?


  1. There is a Save option, do you know if you save ad will generate more Ads for you?

  1. There is an option to give a heart to an Ad, do you know if you give a heart to an Ad will generate more Ads for you?


Thank for your input

Have a great weekend

The only unusual thing is I dismiss the majority, open a few, and a fraction I dismissed I’ll go back and open. Personally I believe, if people thumb up ads, it’s silly to feed them similar or competing ads because they found something they liked already. Only if it’s something that saved you a great deal of money or time, would I see a like valid.

As for hearts, I rather let the browser figure out the ads to send me. I don’t want to skew it away from sending me less ads. I think the biggest factor may be reading articles on the sites that are verified. I can’t figure out anything else except if you are nonstop writing a book on a website, it might not disturb you to send an ad, if you walk away, by the time you walk away is the time I most often hear the ad appearing sound. BTW, I don’t believe I ever got an ad while being active on this site.

@141, @XRPBAT1027
in my experience, you can get an ad approximately every 20 min, but ads do not show if you are reproducing videos or browsing full screen, or actively using the pc (typing, scrolling, etc)

Thank you guys for your inputs

Have a great weekend

I’ve been looking into things and they are getting a 9% clickthru rate. This is extremely high, and they seem like they like it high. But to me, it’s either because of the types of people using Brave(largely the ones ads don’t traditionally reach) or because some are desperate for ads(really BAT) and they open too many offers. I’m leaning towards the desperate. I think they desperately need more groups placing ads so people can actually get ads that actually interest them and have a better ad rotation.

That makes sense to me

I haven’t got any ads for 4 days now, I wonder if I re-install Brave Browser will change that. Anyone have experience re-install Brave Browser? And if re-install Brave Browser will increase the number of Ads you are getting

I guess you must connect to uphold if you are able to reinstall without losing BAT. But the things people say work here, is close Brave open it back up, or delete the client.json file. That file is AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data[profile name]\ads_service, where the profile name is usually default. If you do delete that file, the browser basically forgets who you are and your usage retrains it. If you don’t delete it, over time the values that determine what you are interested in, change with use. So if you are interested in Geology one day, it’s value spikes, but then ignore it for maybe two days it’ll go back to normal. Also if you are never reading things or searching for things to buy, that teaches it much less.

Also you can see all the ads available in the catalog.json file. So if you don’t meet the needs for those ads, you don’t get them. There’s not a great deal of variety at this point. Being into crypto seems to be the majority.

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Great, thank you so much
Does Brave also clear your browsing history if you delete that file?

Thank you

yes same in here…

I don’t see why it would unless there’s extra conditions that purge things in case it’s a new user. It’s much better to keep a copy of the file in case something goes wrong. Just shut the browser down between file changes like that. The worst result is if it wipes out pending BAT. I have not tried removing the file.

Thank you so much

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