Rating stars for site: https://cb01.trade/

ok i found the place:

but when i click on the bin nothing happens…the site won’t be cleared nor deleted…
how can i eliminate it?

hello, i cannot see ranking stars anymore as the website changed its top level domain again: https://cb01.events/
in .events.
It was working before but i think you just whitelisted the full website url which was https://cb01.design/
As said in previous email, the site changes its top level domain very frequently and i dont know why so i guess you should use wild cards to whitelist it completely like https://cb01.*
with * it should be whitelisted all future site extension and so you don’t have to add the full url everytime.
Hope this time you will fix it completely

Bump please! I really need to see ranking stars in that site but since i posted the keep changing domain “issue” i have had no replies…so anyone willing to update me on that?
Thanks in advance

Fix is coming, 24-48hrs. Sorry for the delay

thanks, i hope this time all further new changed domain will work

we’ll have changes upcoming to avoid this

hello sorry to bother again with another issue…
when i right click Brave -> block element via selector, it doesnt do anything…before i was able to block some in sites ads not being blocked by shield but now does nothing.
On a side note, 5 mins ago it was saying that i had to input manually in the dialog that appear so i opened inspector and i typed in the

from there and now the ad is still there and can’t select anything via block element via selector.
How to restore this?
Thanks in advance

Brave is up to date

Version 1.13.43 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

I’m here to bump above problem but this time i got a screenshot.

What to write in box to block this ad? Before it was doing in automatic…what have been changed?
Thanks again

What are you trying to achieve? its used for css hiding. Won’t stop videos from playing

Yes i was trying to block a bottom left ad video without success on site: https://hearthstone-decks.net/news/
I did successfully blocked an ad video on another site with right clicking above, brave -> block css…

I mean, u block origin and nano ad blocker have this function and blocking everything you want when right click on every kind of ads in any site. Couldn’t this be implemented in Brave shield too?

everytime i try to update brave via settings -> about like shown below:

it’s saying “RELAUNCH” everytime i’ve already updated it and relaunched.
This happened since way ago but i decided to warn you now.
In the picture i’ve to update with the brave-nighly setup and that works everytime.
Any fix\solution to this?
Thanks in advance

it’s me again…
now for example i can’t visualize the links for ex: https://cb01.events/serietv/cobra-kai/ with my brave-nightly.
I tried with firefox and they are all there…
Is brave blocking even hyperlinks now?

I’m really sorry, i did right click brave -> remove all CSS rules for this site and now they are visible.
Sorry again

All good, Brave selectors are very limited (I don’t often use them). If there is cosmetic ads, we can add them to Easylist

Hey guys sorry for the offtopic but with my vpn (nordvpn) using QUIC protocol they say to disable it in browser via brave://flags . till now i had it enabled coz a video from windowsreport advised to do that.
Today ive stumbled to this: https://nordvpn.com/blog/what-is-quic-protocol/ and at the end they say to disable it in flags…im so confused…what should i do?
thanks in advance

Is something VPN should support, rather then disable in the browser. Since it’s part of the HTTP/3

yeah if i understood correctly what’s saying in that article is nordvpn supporting it but at the end it says to disable it from the browser…

Since yesterday or the day before, i can’t remember exactly ads on twitch are bypassing brave shield.
I’m with brave-nightly so, can this be updated\fixed?
thanks in advance