Rating stars for site: https://cb01.trade/

can you unfilter the rating stars for mentioned site in title?
With shield on i can’t see rating stars as i think they are trackers, but i think they are harmless and i do want to know how much people rate that movie.
Hope you take this in consideration
Thank you

I haven’t checked, maybe logging into the site may let you rate your movies.

You dont need to login. Ive tested with other browsers and u block origin on and the rating stars are there so maybe the brave shield is too aggressive even on default settings

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Okay, I see the issue. We use the disconnect list blocking polldaddy.com, which is causing the issue.

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Will keep this ticket open, but fix will be rolled out in the next 24-48hrs.

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I just updated my brave nightly and stars are there! Thank so much!
Hey just a thing,
could you add the Anti adblock list to the filter list in Brave Adblock settings. This one: https://reek.github.io/anti-adblock-killer/#filterlist
thanks in advance

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Note, the Anti-adblock-Killer list hasn’t been updated since 2016. Unlikely any of the rules from 2016 will still work now.

but i got it installed in Tampermonkey and yesterday notified me for updates…i dunno…anyway if you are not gonna put the AAK list in Brave Adblock i guess i’ll keep it in tampermonkey. It was just to not “overload” the browser with 2 “addons” that do the same thing kinda.

we have more changes coming in Brave beta, so AAK list will unlikely to be needed. Tampermonkey might’ve updated or another script you’re using in Tampermonkey.

But you can see the changes for https://github.com/reek/anti-adblock-killer/commits/master (last commit, Nov 2016)

No no it’s AAK update notify and there’s a update link for that too when i click AAK in greasemonkey. Anyway i dont care anymore if more changes are coming along with Brave. You mentioned Beta, what about my nightly coz to me is the best version so far?

Nightly will do also.

sorry to bother but the site previously mentioned with rating stars changes top level domain frequently and now is: https://cb01.design/ so i guess you should put a filter for cb01. or something like that, as i refreshed the page and stars aren’t available anymore.
thanks for attention

Sorry to bother you again and again :smiley: but the function to delete data and cookies for specific site isnt implemented in my brave nightly as it is in chrome as shown here: https://www.lifewire.com/clear-cookies-for-one-site-4587347
Could you implement it (back)?
i really need it because i dont know what it is but im seeing reddit archived pages in low-fi like this one:

while i tested the same reddit url in my firefox and i can see it as regular one.
I even tried to ctrl+f5 the page but still it’s in low-fi…
Any help\suggestions would be appreciated but would be more appreciated to restore clear data for specific site
Thanks for understanding

ok sorry again, i solved. It was SpeedReader turned on. Now i turned off and reddit shows as normal. But SpeedReader shouldnt low-fi a page for better reading or faster page loading…i mean…what i get is even worse than loading normal site!
thanks in advance

any news about adding https://cb01.* as the site frequently changes top level domain?
Since now is .design , i cannot visualize rating starts anymore, so i guess the new domain isn’t added to brave whitelist i guess.
waiting for reply
thanks in advance

Fix will issued in the next 48hrs.

ok, it’s working even before last browser update, so i guess you can close this topic.
Thanks again
EDIT: I’m asking if you still can let speedreader to not low-fi sites (reddit sub pages in my case). If this can’t be done or i have to open another thread\case just tell me and i will do it.

You should see Speedreader icon at URL bar, on the left side @frost . It’s enabled by default for Beta and Nightly IIRC.

yea it was enabled and i didnt know it would “low-fi” sites like reddit. So i disabled it but when i was surfing other pages it way faster and no low-fi…just on reddit…so what i said and asking is Speedreader shouldn’t low-fi sites but just loading em faster like it does but not in sub-reddit archived conversations\discussions, that’s it

sorry to bother you again,
but how can i translate a chinese page? is embedded translator working in my brave-nighly latest version?
I’m using google translate extension right now but i don’t want to click it and translate the page everytime, also my china blizzard account page is not being translated: https://account.blizzardgames.cn/
I had to install latest version of Microsoft Edge to translate it automatically as it has embedded translator…
How can i do to translate other language pages without using google translate extension that even seems not to work in above site?
Thanks in advance