Raspberry Pi version using Chromium 109

Where can I find older versions of Brave for Raspberry Pi? I’m trying to use Chromedriver/Selenium. The latest Chromedriver is for chromium 109 and the installed Brave on the Pi is version 111. I would like to find a source to get a compatible Brave version. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

@dhempy Welcome to the community.

I don’t know much about this issue but according to the Release Schedule on GitHub, it looks like the 1.47.x release had Chromium 109. Looking at the Brave Community Release Notes category, 1.47.148 was the last stable release. Installation packages for 1.47.148 on GitHub:

That’s about all the information I can provide! Brave advises users not to use older versions of Brave. Host of reasons including security and privacy issues and you probably won’t be able to use Rewards if that matters to you. Hopefully, you are fully aware of the risks you are taking installing an older version of Brave.

If you have any other questions, please update your post. Brave support isn’t likely to respond but other Community Members may be able to help if you run into problems.

Hope this helps. Good luck and take care! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Chocoholic! I did manage to load up 1.47.171 (before I saw your post … discovered using sudo apt-cache madison brave-browser) and was able to get past the 111 / 109 limitation for Python and Selenium (and learn something more about Raspian and apt-get!). This is in spite of 1.47.171 using Chromium 110! 171 was the oldest version available to load. I fully understand the privacy and security issues related to using older versions and am comfortable with the risks. Of course, there are new hurdles to overcome but those aren’t necessarily related to this issue. Ah, the challenges of developing on Win10 and porting to RPi!.Thanks again for the information. I will make a note of your sources for future reference! AND I’ll have to go see if there is any information regarding a new release of the chromedriver coming for RPi.

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